Thursday, June 30, 2011

Super Hero Party!

In May all my family gathered together for the first time in 3 years. We were together to share with my youngest brother in his mission farewell. We will be serving in Cordoba, Argentina; which just so happens to be the mission that my father OPENED when he served. Kind of neat! So, of course when my family gathers we like to celebrate every day together with something. We did family pictures one day, parks, and luckily three of us had birthdays within 4 days of each other which equals PARTY! We all love superheroes, so that became the theme. We had a delicious pasta dinner and cupcakes. We played amazingly cute and superhero themed games (thanks David and Julie). We all dressed up as heroes and just had a great time together. I know it sounds lame to have a superhero birthday party for a 31, 26 and 13 year old, but I love that my family does! It's great to be silly and not worry what other's think.

Keith and I

Keith was superhero Chuck Norris

Ada was just super cute (haha, didn't put it together till we got there that she had a scarlet "A" on her, I was just thinking Super Ada "A"...opps)


Erin said...

Loved the Scarlet Letter reference! I seem to remember that hairdo from some costume dances at NAU. You're so cute and fun! Keith's pants need to be tighter to really be Chuck Norris but the belt buckle was JUST right! I want to see the shot of him doing a spin around leg kick on somebody!

Alex and Brittany said...

Cute Marj! I just love your family. And the belt buckle... haha. Nice!