Thursday, May 26, 2011

May = teeth

May...a month of struggles. Not going to lie, this month has been challenging with Ada! She has cut 5 teeth (three molars) this month and more coming. I guess I should be glad they are coming all at once, but her attitude is draining me! She is pain I know, but it sure makes motherhood a little less enjoyable. Ada has a quick temper (guess we the parents are to blame) which makes it harder. Good thing I love her to death and I get little reprieves of cuteness like these:

No, my baby is not a game addict. We actually don't even play the PS games. We use it to store our movies and netflix. She likes controllers.

Ada LOVES reading. She is always throwing books at me and wanting me to read to her. I am reading a rather huge nonfiction book about George Washington. She really likes to flip through it and find the pictures. It is funny. It makes me so happy she loves books!

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