Sunday, May 1, 2011


Another crazy few months. I actually can't really even decide where to begin. For Spring Break we really wanted to go camping (basically all we can afford to do for vacations). We took off Monday morning and headed to Dugas. It is a little spot about 20 miles after Sun Set point off the I-17. We set up camp and just played around. The weather was FANTASTIC, the surroundings gorgeous and Ada was so happy. She even took a nap! It really was a wonderful day. I was rather worried about the nighttime with her. Fire stressed me out. But, we made it without any injury. Ada did however eat lots of dirt, but was remarkably good! The night went fairly well. It wasn't horribly cold (but still cold). Ada slept the first half fine in her pack and play but woke up cold. So she slept with Keith a bit then me. The morning was restful and truly everything went better than I'd hoped. That was our fun adventure of Spring Break!

Ada seriously LOVED just walking around and exploring. She loved playing in the tent too
Here is her adorable sleeping bag outfit. Keith took some really cool pictures of the night sky and fire. Ada LOVED playing pick-a-boo out of the tent

It was such a beautiful camp spot with trees and grass. There were even little flower all over.

There was a cool try that Ada could play in.

more of our campsite. Feeding Ada was a bit tricky because we didn't have a highchair. We managed, just a bit more challenging.

The creek was so intriguing to Ada. She wanted to get in, but when we let her put her foot in she freaked out. It was so cute!

A multitude of blessings seemed to pour in this month. We have been so blessed already, but this month just felt so amazing to me. Several times I had to pause and make sure to give thanks. Keith earned a fellowship (kind of like a grant) for his Masters from the Federal Highway. They only give out a few of these across the WHOLE nation and my man was awarded one. It is valued to just over $62,ooo. It goes to the school, but it is to cover all of Keith's school expenses. I have such a dedicated and smart husband. We truly feel that the Lord is helping Keith with his education.
But the miracles didn't stop there. Keith and I have been saving for several years for our future "new car." I bought our ONE car my last year of college for $5,800. It has served us well and we prayed for it nearly every night to keep working. It had around 116,000 miles on it and we were getting worried about it. The tags were up in May so Keith wanted to start looking. Me of course, the always hesitant to spend any money fretted. Keith mentioned it to a co-worker who was looking for a car. He was suddenly very interested and so Keith started seriously looking for a new vehicle. Andrea (my sister) and hubby had talked in Dec. about buying a new van. Keith sent a text to Andy and soon we were all discussing this very seriously. I panicked (as usual) and decided that if our car sold then yes, it was time and to go ahead and buy Andrea's vehicle. I will honestly admit I was prideful and didn't really want to buy a minivan. I'm only 25 with one kid. I don't want to be a minivan mom yet! I wanted something bigger yes, but not a van. Vain, I know. Well, Gordon's found a new van and bought it because our guy seemed set to get our Malibu. The day after the Gordon's bought their van our guy bailed. GRR! I had told myself this was my "sign" it wasn't time yet. I freaked out, but sweet Keith sent an email to our Elder's quorum. That day a guy emailed that he had been looking and when he saw our email he knew this was what he was praying for. BLESSINGS! Within two days all the paperwork had been signed and I said goodbye to my first car. It was sad for me; I worked so hard to save and payoff that car. But, happily our family has moved into our 2004 Honda Odyssey and are finding great joy with it. Yes, I have swallowed my pride and I love it! I just can't get over how much Heavenly Father does for us. This month has been filled with tender mercies for which we can't take credit for.
My precious first car! I drove this home from college, married in it, first accident, brought home my baby in it. Thank you Malibu for the many years of service

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What a cute blog! Congrats to your hubby! What an accomplishment. You must be doing a few things right to get such great blessing. Good for you!;]