Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Getting Big

Ada is getting so BIG! She is trying to talk so much more. She has learned to say "no" sadly, but she also has said elbow, apple, grandma, yes, uh-oh, night-night, "it fall down" and "where it go?" April and May have been challenging months with her. She has only had four teeth since January. Well, they have all decided to come these months. She currently has/or still cutting three molars and two other teeth. Basically she has become a monster. We are trying to just hang on to the hope that someday it will end. Sadly, she has learned to hit when she is upset. We are still working on that. She has also picked up the habit of digging in her diaper to get the poop out. She doesn't undo the diaper, she gets in from the crotch or through the top. It has been quite gross and I have cleaned way too many sheets and stuffed animals covered in poop. Hopefully she will grow out of it soon.
On the positive note, Ada LOVES books. She loves to just sit there and look at them. She is even good at looking at them the right way. We let her look at paper books because she is careful. It makes me very happy! I can't wait to start teaching her school stuff! She is getting very tall and still a great eater. She basically eats as much as me. We have started giving her 1% milk with her soy milk and she hasn't had any bad reactions. Fingers crossed we may be growing out of her milk problem. She can put on her own shoes and get into the van all by herself. She is climbing like crazy; which can be annoying but mostly it's fun to see her learning. She can point out her nose, eyes, elbow, fingers, toes, button, chin, hair, head, teeth. She can feed herself her cream of wheat in the morning (LOVE). She gives me hugs and kisses and loves to sit on my lap to read. I can't believe how much she has changed in the past few months. Love my little girl (minus the teething horror!)

first pony tail...so cute!
more zoo trips with cousins. She loves to hold hands now. If she is screaming in the car I just reach back and hold her hand and she is fine. Ada LOVES to cook with me. She always has to be on the counter watching and helping when I make dinner. It's pretty stinkin' cute!

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Chris and Kristy said...

Watching children learn and grow is a miracle each day. I love the ponytail picture! My sweet guy loves when I hold his hand in the car and my heart melts too each time! Such a cute family you have.