Sunday, February 27, 2011

Valentine's Day

I have to be honest...don't really like this "holiday." I never dated much so it was always a "Single Awareness day" and I disliked it! I'm married now, but still it seems like this stupid day when I get my hopes up that my sweet husband will turn into a Jane Austen character and sweep me off my feet. First year we were married = went to the movies by myself. Second year = went on our first dinner date together without Ada (nice, but short). So, this year I decided that I would have no expectations and just let the day go. Plus, I had to work that night so that puts a damper on evening plans anyway. I decided to just let Keith know I loved him. I wrote him little notes for 14 days about the little things that I love about him. Cheesy I know (please don't throw up), but one of us has to be the Jane Austen character. It was good for me to think about him and focus on little things he does/is that make me happy. Keith actually bought me a waffle iron for Valentine's day (because he wanted me to make waffles...). After I got off work that night I came home and we made a fabulous breakfast dinner including waffles/whipped cream/fruit, tater-tots, and bacon. It was delicious.

Then we played with our sweet Ada till she went to bed. Lately Keith and I have been watching this silly show Cake Boss. The people are quite annoying, but I love the cakes. A few days before V-day we decided to make our own magnificent Cake Boss cake. So, after we got Ada down we got to work. Obviously nothing compared to cake boss, but for beginners...not bad. We had fun, low key, and no expectations of some sweepy, sappy evening. I actually liked the day this year. Not really because it was Valentine's day, but because we did something fun and random together.

we only had one heart pan so we carved the square to match (very technical work). The middle was filled with fresh yummy strawberries.

Happy old boring married people


Rowse House said...

What a fun story to read! Your cake is beautiful. I don't know what is on Cake Boss, but it couldn't be any more creative. So glad you had fun on Valentines. I do like to celebrate love and those we love. It has better meaning than some holidays so hope you enjoy every year. You and Keith are such a cute couple and do amazing fun things.
Love, Mom

Alex and Brittany said...

This post made me laugh... a lot! I recently read Persuasion and watched Becoming Jane for the first time and so the whole expecting the husband to be a Darcy sure made me laugh! I just love ya Marj!