Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sedona Trip

At the end of December 2010 Keith, for his graduation present, got lasik done on his eyes. We were told not to do anything "outdoors-ish" for a month. So January 27th we went on a little mini one day vacation to Sedona. I LOVE to be outside. I can't wait to have a backyard so that I can be out there ALL the time. We wanted to do our favorite hike with Ada and enjoy the cooler weather (I was also on the hunt for a copper bracelet...which I've heard helps with migraines...we shall see). We let in the morning and had a fairly cry free drive. Ada was very anxious to get out when we got there however. She loves to explore the outdoors. It turned out to be cooler there than even we expected. There was SNOW! In fact, we didn't even make it very far on the trail before it became too icy to continue. We ended up just playing around on the ruins and having a picnic. We then went into town and yes, I got my bracelet. I'm very anxious to see if it works. It was a nice day away from the norm and just fun to be together. I love my little family.

Ada loved to watch the water below the bridge.

Ada picked up two sticks and dragged those things everywhere, it was so stinking cute! She was a bit leery of the ice, but I can't blame her. It was incredibly slick.

No, she isn't eating the grass, she is eating her graham cracker

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Julie Rowse said...

That looks like so much fun! I can't wait until we can be outside again...if this weather will EVER warm up.