Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cute as A Button

February has been a challenging month for me personally. For some reason I have struggle health wise. The day after my half marathon I came down with some nasty flu/bronchitis/death thing that basically wiped out a week of my life I really don't remember. Thanks to family who took our sweet dear while Keith and I died for a week. Then I got food poisoning at the end of the month. But, it has had it up sides. Cute moments in the latter part of the month:

I ran upstairs one morning to brush my teeth. When I finished I realized it was unusually quiet downstairs (Ada usually stand at the bottom of the stairs and calls my name). I ran down to find she had somehow gotten my button box off the table and opened it (don't know how). I was finding buttons all over the house the rest of the day (even in her bed...?)

I work with the YW in our ward and for our mutual we had the opportunity to take the girl's horseback ridding. It was fabulous. This is me and my horse Sue.

Ada looks super silly in her daddy's pants.


Rowse House said...

How fun your blog is!! I enjoy checking in now and then to share in your lives. I love it. Thanks for taking the time to share so beautifully. You really have a very choice little family. And you are a very creative mother.

Love you all so much!

Chelsea said...

I love the photos of Ada with her daddy's pants on. They remind me of those weight loss "before" photos!
Sorry about your sick month, that sounds miserable.