Monday, January 31, 2011

Half Marathon!!!!!

I DID IT!!!!!!!

I have been training for months. Sadly about a month and a half ago I started having problems with my calf. Still don't know what is up. So beginning of January I had to stop running and it was rather devastating. It has been a life time goal of mine to run a half marathon (at least once), so I was really disappointed after all that work that I wasn't able to run. As the date of the London's run approached I decided to just show up and at least walk it. I rode out there with a friend who was doing the 10k. While standing in line to use the bathroom before the race I started talking to a few ladies that were also running it. Somehow in the mix and mush of hundreds of people I ended up next to one of the ladies and we ended up running most of it together. Lame as it is, I was a tad emotional once we got going. I was so proud of myself for being there. I ran with the bathroom lady till about mile 9. Then we ran into a "wind wall" and I started falling behind. I slowed down, but was able to keep going. Luckily, the whole thing was on dirt roads so my calf didn't bother me. I struggle with the last four miles, but I hung in there. When I saw the balloon finish line I was SO happy. I ran through (nearly having what I thought was an asthma attack) and just wanted to cry! I hurried and got Gatorade and a banana. Keith and Ada were there at the finish line and I was SO proud of myself.

I had DONE IT! I finished another one of my life goals. I even beat my goal time. I was trying to finish in under 4 hours. But, I finished in 2 hours and 32 minutes. YIPEEEEEEE

(afterwards update: A few blisters, very sore, headache...but all things I can recover from)

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