Sunday, January 16, 2011


Such a busy month...don't even know where to begin! Parts of it went so fast I'm glad I have pictures to remember.
First of course was Ada's big birthday fun. We were hoping she would be walking (or at least have more than two teeth by her birthday), but oh well. She was walking by Christmas. Now she is currently trying to walk-fast/run. We has fun with her birthday and then next week was the Christian Family Christmas party. That was wonderful and we enjoyed spending time with Keith's family. The following week my sweet Keith graduated from ASU. He graduated Suma Cum Laude from the Civil Engineering program. I'm so proud of him. It was rainy and very "wintery" that day, but still such a wonderful day. After the graduation we had a little celebration at our home. I was surprised and very pleased with how many came and showed support to him. Thank you!
On Ada's birthday we watched her video of her first two weeks. She kept watching the little baby her on the tv; super cute. Her hair is getting so much longer I love playing with it in the bath. She is getting into sneaky mode. She likes to climb behind furniture and destroy things. The picture shows one of her favorite places to hide and dump all the dvds.
Once school was out Keith had a bit of free time and got out his guitar. Sadly he hasn't been able to play for a while due to his busy schedule. This was the first time Ada saw and heard her daddy. She was captivated.
Keith graduated on December 16th at 4:00pm. He worked so hard and I'm very proud of him. He is continuing his education and getting his masters in Transportation Engineering. He works as a research aid on campus.

Ada has learned to climb and LOVES to get on top of basically everything.
How could anyone not LOVE this face! I will admit that from October to December were difficult months for Ada. However, since her birthday she has turned a corner. She is so much more fun, playful (less fussy) and has learned SO much! She just jabbers at us all day like we are suppose to understand. Christmas was way more exciting this year. She opened her own presents, loves to play with the things she got, cried at Uncle Jason as Santa and loved being around everyone. I have just enjoyed having her with us this Christmas.
She had fun opening the things in her stocking. She is so stinkin' cute and getting so smart!

After Christmas my oldest sister and her family came to spend a week. We went to the park, had family home evenings, lots of food, went and saw Tangled (LOVE), had a girl's night dinner with all my sisters and mom, ran a 5k "Reindeer Run" and ate lots more food. For New Year's we played Disney Scene it at the Gordon's until it was kid bedtime. Then went back to my house and Teresa, Sherry, Kevin, David, Andrea, and Andy ate heaven's pizza (Papa Murphy) and played games. Nothing huge, but enjoyable. Welcome 2011. I hope to learn and enjoy this coming year as well. Thank you for a wonderful 2010!

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