Monday, December 6, 2010


I LOVE Thanksgiving. It is one of my ultimate favorite holidays; which sadly enough is so often skipped over by the stores and commercial world. Maybe that's a good thing that it hasn't become polluted into become more of a commercial holiday. I just love that its a day to relax, enjoy food, but mostly to be with families. I have to admit I was rather irritated that so many stores were open ON Thanksgiving for early Black Friday sales. LAME! Anyway, there's my soap box for this wonderful holiday.
This year was Thanksgiving with my family. Keith really loves Thanksgiving with his family, so this year I was trying to bring some of his family tradition into ours. His mom makes these fabulous creamed onions that Keith just adores (every year he gets excited for them). So, I talked with his mom and got the recipe and made them for him this year. Here is how our day went.
We started off the morning bright and early. Several of us wanted to do the Turkey trots around town, but don't have money so Sherry created a course of our own. We met at 7:30am, went to the park and started our 5k. It was really fun and felt great! Even my fabulous dad ran with us! So proud of him! Tyler, Kevin and I finished in about 24 minutes. So fun! Afterward we went back to my parents and had an AWESOME yummy breakfast. Then it was just low key getting food prepared. I had fun fixing Keith his creamed onions. Silly, but it made me feel like a good wifey making him something I knew he wanted. My aunt Verena and her family came, but otherwise it was just my family. Loved how quiet and low key everything was. To finish out the day, we played games, laughed, a little Wii and more snacking. Overall, a fabulous Thanksgiving (and I wasn't huge and pregnant this year...yipee)

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