Sunday, December 5, 2010

Play Dates

I have been trying to be more ambitious in finding and setting up play dates. Granted, Ada isn't really much of playing with other kids right now, but I want her to be use to being around other kids. An added bonus is I get to see adults. Keith has been so busy for the past few months its hard to be so lonely. So, I try to keep busy and still interact with other adults too. A few weeks ago my friend Brittany came out and we went to visit our friend from collage Erin. She had twins over the summer and we were excited to visit her and her sweet children. They have a cute little sand box in their backyard and Ada loved it. She liked to pour the sand on the sidewalk. It was very cute. She was however wearing white pants (don't worry, I got them clean!). She had her first taste of sand, but at least I know it was clean no-poop sand. She sure loves to explore new things.

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