Friday, December 24, 2010

Eating, and the Game it has Become

There are so many things about my little Ada that I love (and of course a few things that drive me near insane). She has become a stinker at times with foods. She LOVES to eat, but what she wants. She absolutely LooooooVEs bread. We do just plain bread and honest I think she would eat it every meal. She loves fruit of course. Veggies and everything else is a 50% chance. She will eat corn, cooked carrots and avocado fine. We have been also having some problems we think with milk. I started giving her a little cow milk at about 11 and 1/2 months (once a day). I have stopped feeding her now except morning and night. We started giving her more cow milk after her birthday but basically she has had a diaper rash for about a month. I tried organic cow milk and she got better, but it never really went completely away. So, we are trying soy milk. But she broke out again. We think it is because she had mac and cheese. We are trying now to take out all dairy and "processed" food. I take her in to the doc in January and will ask, but if anyone has suggestions please share. I just feel so bad for her bummy. We even include it in our prayers. Just wanted to share some of her latest cute eating faces (because they are just so stinkin' cute)

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Nichole Christensen said...

Angela McCulloch (Shupe) went through that with her little girl. She drinks Almond Milk, I believe. And she couldn't have dairy at all until she was a bit older. I think sometimes they are just more sensitive! What types of cream have you tried? Hopefully the doctor will help you! Hang in there!