Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ada's First Birthday

On Friday December 3rd my sweet lady turned one. The day was pretty typical and I even had to work (tutor) that night. When I got home we gave Ada a few of her gifts and had fun with her. We watched the video we made last Christmas of her first few weeks. Watching the video of my baby so tiny and new was a bit overwhelming. All week I had been having flashbacks on my life a year ago. What was going on, what I felt, thoughts and feelings I had each day leading up to her birth. Watching the video touched my sappy heart and I just cried. I love my baby! On Saturday was her party. We planned to have it in the grassy area just outside our townhouse. We also decided to combine it with her nephew Benjamin, who's birthday is Dec. 23. Sadly I woke up that morning with a migraine. It took quite the effort to get things prepared, but it was worth it. The ibuprofen kicked in and the celebrations began. Ada was very good about actually trying to open the presents. We had so many wonderful family and friends that came. I actually didn't expect anyone to bring her a present, but everyone was so sweet. Thank you! We are so blessed! She opened her presents and had fun chasing her cousins around. She can't walk without the help of her little push car, but she tries. I made two bug cakes for Ada and Benjamin. We sang to Ada and presented her with the cake. She was a bit nervous so I fed her a few bites of the frosting. It didn't take too long for her to get the hang of it and go to town. She found that the bug's head came off so she pulled it off and devoured it. Ada LOVES bread, so sweet bread was just heaven. She probably would have eaten the whole thing if we let her, but after the head we cleaned her up and put her down. She continued to play and watch her cousins. It was so wonderful, relax and memorable. My baby is ONE! Ada is a joy and blessing. I think how much my life has changed over the past year and love it. Days have been difficult yes, but I wouldn't change it for the world. Ada is my darling little friend and I am feel honored to be her mother. Thank you friends and family for sharing and supporting us and Ada!
Ada eating the head of her cake

Opening the presents and playing with the cousins

This is an Ada face for sure. She is always closing her eyes to be silly

My first birthday cake for my first daughter

I love you Ada!