Sunday, October 31, 2010

October at a glance

Crazy month...Hard month...glad it's over! This has been a particularly hard month for our little family. Keith had his big FE exam (the certification test for engineers) on the 30th. He has been studying like crazy for this whole month. So, basically I have been a single mom for a month. My hat is off to those of you who do this regularly. You are heros and deserve a prize! I tried to stay positive and keep my breakdowns to a minimum. Ada is going through a rough stage, where she just likes to cry...all evening. It has been a test of my patience this month to go it alone. Luckily we survived! I have been lucky to spend time with friends and family to help fill up the long lonely days. I even had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time with my Grandma (and cousin) looking at an art gallery in Scottsdale. Overall, a hard month but with it's joys too. Ada is getting good at walking (holding my hand). She does finally have two teeth and says "mom," "dad," and "ada." However, we don't think she understands she is saying her name when she says it. Her new favorite thing to do is hand me things. This usually is fun! She loves animals and being outside. Last night was our Halloween ward block party. It was much more fun with Ada on the outside this year. Yesterday was also the day of Keith horrid test. We were both anxious and got up at 5am. Keith left around 6:30 and then I tried to keep busy all day so I didn't stress out for him. I got Ada ready for the party and Keith's wonderful parents came out to go with me and help out. It was so nice to have them there since Keith wasn't able to. He did survive his test and met up with us later on during the party. Today, I am grateful to say this month is over. November my favorite month! There is something about it that I just LOVE! I'm so grateful for end of this hard and crazy October!

I was Ada's farmer

This is what most of our month consisted of for both of us!

Ada would not sit there unless I gave her that paintbrush

Her Glamor shot

LOVE this Ada

I made her costume. I was very proud of my hard work. I did it all by myself.

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Rowse House said...

Good job on the overalls! These are great pics. Thanks for sharing.