Friday, September 17, 2010

Yipee, Glendale Again

My sweet friend had her first baby girl (she has three boys). He sisters threw a fabulous shower that was so enjoyable. I of course just had a wonderful time seeing all my friends from Home. Yep, Glendale is my home. Ghetto it may be, but I have very fond memories from my childhood there. I was blessed to have a wonderful group of friends that I was very close to. I'm so lucky that I still get to see them and remain close. Not all of my dear Glendale gals could be there, but I know they would have if they could have. It was still a blast! Congrats Sam on your new beautiful little lady.

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Packer Family said...

Hey! Who you callin Ghetto! LOL Just teasing!! We need to have a play date soon so you can meet little Ally!