Sunday, September 19, 2010

Splash Park

Teresa and Tyler (sister) decided to take their daughter McKenna to a (free) splash park on Saturday Sept. 28. It was Labor Day weekend, but none of us were going out of town. Teresa called and invited Ada and I. It was a beautiful park and not horribly far. Ada seemed rather confused and was a bit clingy, but she didn't cry. She was just curious and wanted to make sure I didn't leave her. Thankfully it was warm enough that we didn't get cold being wet, but not warm enough to be uncomfortable. I had fun sitting in the water sprinkles with her and watching her and Kenna enjoy. Kenna was very silly and just loved playing around in it. I can't wait till next summer when Ada will be a bit more able to "play." She is getting there, but not unless I'm close at hand. No one got burned and we all had a wonderful time. Thanks Teresa for inviting us.

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