Sunday, September 19, 2010

Reading and Tantrums

Ada has also learned how to throw tantrums. I recorded a video of it, but didn't get to downloading it. She will cry and droop her head, sometimes all the way to the floor. She will even look up at me sometimes from her droopy head position to see if I'm watching. If so she will droop her head again and wail. Haha, so funny. I usually just laugh at her (maybe not the best response, but sometimes it is really hilarious). We think Ada is teething because she has been SUPER cranky lately. It has been about 2 weeks of fussy out of control at time Ada and basically I'm getting tired of it. I have decided that teeth are mean! I truly hope they come in soon so that I may keep my sanity and still like her.

Ada is learning and growing so quickly now. She is learning very quickly and it is fun to watch and be apart of. I try to read to her often, but sometimes she doesn't like me to read, she just wants to play with the book. She knows now how to hold them and turn the pages. Today she even had the book backwards and knew it was wrong and turned it around. We have lots of fun just looking at books, even if they don't have pictures. I hope that she loves to read. I want to read books together while she grows up. I remember my mom and dad reading books with me like Where the Red Fern Grows and Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites. I want Ada to have that too.

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