Monday, September 20, 2010

The Destructor

Ada is very good now at pulling herself up, which is fabulous...minus the new cleanup work for me. I'm trying to give her some space to learn and explore her new world. She is into everything because she is curious. However, her favorite spots tend to be the most inconvenient. She LOVES to play with the stereo dial which daddy doesn't like at all. Her second favorite place is our little book table. It has one plant on it, which she hasn't really touched..yet, my scriptures/notebook/colored pencils, my books, and a picture of her. Ada LOVES to go over, throw her picture off and then one by one throw all my things off of it. We are looking into moving my scriptures to a safer location now. It's so hard to ask her to stop because she is just so darn cute.

The other night I was making dinner and noticed she was quiet. I look over and she had pulled down my scripture case, found a little notebook and was tearing out each page. I was momentarily sad it was destroyed, but she looked so adorable and intent on her new ripping skills.

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Alex and Brittany said...

Isn't it so much fun!!!! Just wait until she walks and then climbs... and I'm sure there will be a whole bunch more mischief in our near future! We need to have another playdate... I'll text you soon!