Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Quiet Books (FINALLY)

This had been a project that I have always wanted to do, and started a few months after Ada was born. I know you are thinking..."a few months after Ada was born, she is 8 months now. That's a long time!" Well, yes, yes it is a long time. But in my defense, there are three books and I do have a baby. I made these books with two of my sisters who were making them too. We wanted to create a quiet book(s) for church that were gospel related. We worked together on them and now have FINALLY finished and are very proud of our work. It was A TON of work, but I'm proud of what I did. Here are the books and pages that we created and made together.

(pages not shown here in the order inside the actual books)

"Gospel Truths" pages:

1)sorting page with felt pieces to match the labeled pockets, 2) "build a testimony" by treading the ribbon with the pleather blocks, 3) "Missionary Letters" has paper and pencil inside the mailbox, 4) "Children of God" puppets (IKEA) or different people/jobs

5) "What time is Church" move the hands around the clock, 6) "God Created the Earth" velcro leaves and button flowers, 7-8) "Gospel Train" has pockets for pass along cards and pictures, 9) "Tithing" velcro coins that go in the envelope

10) "Look our best at church" has velco on Sunday clothes, 11) "Word of Wisdom" has a lock and key to the chest, inside our food cards or good foods, 12) "Plan of Salvation" has clothes pins that match the basic plan of salvation drawing, 13) "Speaker's Bingo" has a Bingo game to keep track of tab words speakers may use in their talks
14) "Pioneer Trek" has a rag doll and with dresses inside the wagon

Bible Pages:

1)"Daniel in Lion's Den" has snap on lions and rock that rotates around, 2) "Joseph and Coat" has snap on, velro and hook ribbons for stripes, 3) "Moses in Bulrushes" thread the basket, inside is a rag doll baby Moses, 4) "Christ's Birth" finger puppets and pocket stable for pictures of Christ's life
5) "Adam and Eve" pocket with animal puppets (IKEA), 6) "Tower of Babel" weave the tower and pocket with letter cards to build words in other languages, 7) Noah's Ark" zipper pocket with animal memory game inside, 8) "Queen Esther" braid the hair

9) "Fishers of Men" magnetic fish and pole and clothes pin disciples

10) "Christ Feeds the Multitude" pocket with puzzle pieces of bread and fish

Book of Mormon Pages:

1) "Jesus blesses the children" clear pockets to put pictures of kids in, 2) "Jaredite barges" puzzle piece barge with praying family inside, 3)"Samuel the Lamanite" beaded ribbon sling shots that don't reach Samuel, 4) "Golden Plates" with pencils and paper inside

5) "Tree of Life" velcro fruit and mists of darkness and a little boy and girl that slide along the iron rod, 6) "Lehi's family" popsicle stick characters that go inside the boat pocket, 7) "Ancient and modern Temples" sew around the ancient temple and modern temple has a pocket to put pictures of temples in, 8) "King Benjamin" wrap the string around the buttons to weave up the tower and families inside the tent flaps.


The Booth Family said...

Those are AMAZING! Go you!

Alex and Brittany said...

These turned out so well!!! Great job! Now do you want to make Brooklee some? ;) Just kidding!

Rob and Kimmie said...

Holy Moly! Those quiet books are amazing!!!!! Great job! I am seriously so impressed! P.s. Your baby girl is super cute!

MissKris said...

Wow!!!! I am impressed...and a little jealous! I want some :) Let me know if you want to do a play date now that Ada is a little bit older!

Melody said...

those are amazing!