Saturday, July 31, 2010

Busy July

Busy, busy month!! Keith had a camp trip planned in Utah for several days. He got home and a day and a half later I left for girls camp. Poor little Ada felt a bit neglected that week. Keith had a wonderful time and was safe. It was the longest we have been apart since we got married. I was very glad to have him home with me. Girls camp was wonderful, but boy did I miss my baby SO MUCH! Busy as it was, it was also wonderful. Keith didn't have a class this month and work was more lax. I have LOVED having my wonderful husband around more. We do things together and we have fun with our cute lady. I am so grateful for this time that we had to be a family. I love my little family!!

I missed my lady!!!

she is changing so much; in many ways

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Melody said...

I can see why it was so hard to leave her! She is such a doll!

PS-I changed my blog to private and don't have your email to add you! can you send me your email please :) mine is