Sunday, June 20, 2010

6 Months

My baby is half a year old (and a little bit). This post is a bit late in coming I know, but between our anniversary and family reunion, it just didn't get posted. I took pictures...lots and lots...for this half a year monument. She is the highlight of my life! She is the beginning and end of basically everything for me. I love this age she is at. Ada is more responsive and interactive right now. We have so much fun (when she isn't screaming which is her new acquired skill that she is very proud of).

Here are the statistics I guess on her at 6 months.

Weight: 14.6
Length 25.5 inches
Solids eaten: rice cereal, squash, peas, sweet potatoes and carrots. She loves food!

Talents: She can sit by herself, cannot crawl but does flop on her back to move upward (WAY funny), put her binkie in herself, loves to stand, eats her toes, blows raspberries, scream in high piercing tones, giggling, roll all over, grab everything, sucks her bottom lip, loves to grab faces and hair, likes tv, knows her mommy and daddy (doesn't like mommy to leave the room), creating an attachment to her blankie and giraffe (Geoffrey is his name), loves the pool and bath time, loves to suck on EVERYTHING, and doesn't ever wake up even close to the spot we put her down in (she is a CRAZY sleeper).

So, here she is...the lady I just can't get enough of! (and no NONE of these pictures are edited...this is the real deal!)

Ada Elisabeth...

(I know family may want some of these, let me know which ones and I can send you the real picture, not the colleague.)


Packer Family said...

She is so beautiful!!! You did a great job on the pictures! Very unique and pretty! I love the flowers and the brick wall! Oh, and the beautiful little girl!!! We need to get together for a playdate now that she is more active!

Kevin/Superman! said...

Did you do the colleague on your mac? WOOT WOOT!! i love the pictures marj :)