Monday, June 7, 2010

3 Years ago...

Once upon a time, three and a half years ago. My dear friends in Glendale convinced me (through bribery) to attend a singles New Years dance. There a very cute boy sat down and talked to me for almost an hour. He got my number, called the next day...and basically talked, or saw each other every day after that for a month and a day.
Then that cute boy, unbeknownst to me came and asked my dad if he could marry me. Then he surprised me, sang me a beautiful song while playing guitar and asked me to marry him. Shocked as I was, I said "Yes."

Five months later we were sealed forever and ever in the Mesa Temple.

Now, three years later...I love him even more than before. He is my best friend, greatest comfort, and my favorite person to be with.

For our anniversary my sisters helped me out by watching Ada. Keith and I were able to go do sealings at the temple, go to dinner and then goofy golfing. It was a wonderful day. I had so much fun just playing around with my cute hubby!

3 Years of happiness!!!


Missy said...

happy 3rd anniversary! You two make such a cute couple, and you make a GORGEOUS bride! I love your dress!
Temple sealings are so neat to do to celebrate. I'm glad you had a fun day together.

Packer Family said...

I hope he knows how lucky he is to have you! Congrats on 3 years! You guys should come over sometime:)

Kevin/Superman! said...

I thought you were going to say i was the cute boy :P but then i remembered i wasnt old enough to go to singles ward three years ago...... and.. your my sister :P hehehe. I liked the story!

roriedlion'(oo)' said...

I LUV ur hair!!! =D I NEED my hair cut B-A-D! U have no idea! There was a pic of Emma sumthing...uh, she plays the girl in harry potter, that's all i know...anywho her hair color is the same as mine so it's like i getta see wut my hair would look like before it's done. I needa get a pic and take it in. ~ WOW 3 years fly by fast huh? =] I remember meeting ur grandparents one time WAY long ago too. ~ Daniel, from what I'm told, is estimated to be around for about 2 years??? Anything can change and there's not much choice to be honest. You count ur blessings where they're at pretty much and he's here for now =] ~Hey i'm still trying to figure blogspot do i get ur los christians little pic in my followers spot? Brittany and samantha "drake" are there and i can't remember how I even got mine to show in urs. ...and i'm still trying to decide if i wanna make a facebook page, yeesh - -p lol! ...and and and by the way 25 aint "old" LOL =] To me, seeing my dad's dad still having fun in his 90's... 75 is old. 40's is living adult style, 50's is blissfully happy then 60's comes the slowing point. We're still viewed as "babies" until we're like wut 35? lol =]