Sunday, May 23, 2010

Just more fun

Here are just some fun recent activities of Ada

Just like her daddy...playing with guns
Sadly, we got a little bit of thrush again, so we wiped it out right away with "purple mouth"

Still loves sitting in her swing and watching me make dinner across the room

Keith and I have a goal to lose our baby weight together this summer. Yep, mommy and daddy need to lose the baby weight. (= Keith is giving up sugar (me...not that strong!!!). I think Keith is aiming for 15 and I would like 10-15. I finally got back into running again about a month ago and now Keith is going with me. My feet grew while prego and couldn't wear mine anymore. So, me dear friend works for Famous Footwear and hooked us up with a deal. We were able to get Keith and I new shoes for less than what one of them usually costs. THANK YOU ASHLEY!! Haha, we did get matching shoes because I didn't want the girl pink ones. (I really wanted green ones, but no luck) We love them and I have already lost 3 pounds...I think... (=


Packer Family said...

I never thought I would hear you say that you needed to loose wieght! Good Luck running! Do you have a jogging stroller?

Amy said...

My feet grew with my pregnancy(ies) too. It's the pits!

Rowse House said...

You'll be very glad in 30 years if you have kept up a good exercise program. What a struggle for me to start at age 56. Keep it up!!

roriedlion'(oo)' said...

Good for you Margie! Daniel and I have recently started walking at a near-by beach. We're trying to tone up from that Xmas trip to AZ. You know how Granma's can be with goodies - -, that and i luv my choclit =D Walking thru sand really tones ur thighs and bottom. After 3 trips I had cellulite spots smooth WAY out. It's really got me pumped to keep going. ~You'll reach your goal in no time =]