Sunday, May 23, 2010


We took Ada on her first campout last weekend. We decided we wanted to take her and were able to talk my sister and her family into going with us. She has five kids (and lives about a block away from us) so we were all in the same "kid boat." We packed up and left about 4:30. We only went to Sycamore Creek. It was desert camping, but that's all right (never really did much desert camping before) We set up camp and roasted hot dogs and made cobbler. It was nice. Ada did very well, especially since there were lots of bugs. She loved to watch the fire and sat very contentedly in her car seat/chair. She sadly woke up about 4am. She usually wakes up early, but is able to get back to sleep. She didn't, so we got to hold her for about an hour. She finally fell asleep in my arms so we just snuggled together in my sleeping bag. I actually really enjoyed sleeping together all snuggled up. We then had fun playing in the creek and rock hopping. Then we packed up and headed home. It was a quick trip, but I really enjoyed it. It was especially fun because we were with the Gordons. Keith and I really like camping, and were so glad Ada did well. She better get use to it, we will be doing it often.

notice that baby and daddy have matching morning hair

teaching kids to throw rocks...maybe not a good idea, but fun

Cute Gordons (my sister's family)

Ada was so stinking cute in a camp chair


Teresa and Tyler Service said...

You are so good. I'm too afraid to take Kenna camping...not to mention I'm not much of a camper. I'm glad it was a good experience

Rowse House said...

Looks like a fun successful outing. Wish we could go with you sometime. Love the pics.