Tuesday, April 6, 2010

GLENDALE...home sweet home

So, I grew up...basically my whole life in Glendale. We moved there when I was 4 and my parents moved when I was 19. That is where I grew up; that is where most my childhood memories are. I was blessed to have a group of very close friends (Emily, Sam, Lindsay, Vanessa, Brittany...just to name a few). I was so lucky to have friends to lead me and guide me through childhood and dreadful high school (the only thing I really liked about high school was my group of friends getting closer). Last week I really wanted to go and visit Sam because she just got a house. I'm very jealous..but so happy for her. She is an amazing mother and so strong in her testimony which she teaches to her children. Go Sam! Brittany met us, as well as Summer (Sam's sister) to hand out a bit. It was wonderful to see her home and catch up. It had been way too long since I have been over to the "West Side." Hopefully we can do it again and get more of the group together. Love you ladies, thank you for your friendship and examples to me! (To those of you sweet friends who weren't there...I was thinking of you and want to see you soon!)
I have known Britt since I was four and Sam..since I was..ummm let's say 8. Been a long time ladies...I can't believe we are now old people (=

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