Monday, April 12, 2010


Easter was a wonderful day. We spent the day together just Keith, Ada and I. Then in the evening went to my parents for a big family home evening. I am so grateful for this time to really think about the atonement and the sacrifice that our Savior made for us. This year as I thought about it, it hit me differently. Now that I had Ada, I thought about how it must have been for our Heavenly Parents to watch that happen. How would I feel to see my Ada treated that way or have to suffer so much. I really gave me a different perspective (not that I am anywhere close to the situation of Heavenly Father and Jesus, nor nearly as perfect as them). Being a parent has helped me to have a better understanding and a deeper appreciation of my Heavenly Father.

We also had a wonderful time just having fun too. Keith's parents got Ada a cute little bunny headband. I attempted to make Easter outfits for Ada and I (like my mom use to do every Easter for us). They didn't turn out nearly how I hoped, but oh well. For the $2 of fabric it was fine even for one day.

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Julie Rowse said...

SUCH cute pictures! I think the outfits look great. I agree, being a parent really gives you a whole new perspective on Heavenly Father. Just another blessing that comes from those cute kids we have!