Monday, March 29, 2010


"I'm fussy, because I like to!"

"You are going to do what?"

"Please I beg of you...don't do it!!"

"BUMMER...I'm a monster!"


What an adventure this has been. Ada and I have been fighting yeast infections together for about a month. I tried the medicine the doctor prescribed and it failed so I turned to my wonderful sister who deals with me calling her constantly for advice. Thank goodness for sisters!! Andrea's daughters had this too so i she told me what to get. The "Dreaded Purple Stuff." It dyes her mouth, clothes, me and basically everything it comes in contact with, but it works. Ada and I are now yeast free...and purple free (a few days later). The first few pictures were actually at the Christian's house for family dinner and she was fussy because she was getting changed (HATES to change her clothes). But, that was the night we dyed her, so I felt it worked to use them. Anyway. Short post. Just sharing the wonderful memories of nasty Thrush! (PS please don't come back thrush...)


Chris and Kristy said...

Oh my heavens! That stuff looks nasty and fun at the same time. Our bundle of joy had thrush for a bit, but we didn't know about the lovely dye stuff. Oh the things you learn! Motherhood is the BEST!!

Sherry said...

She must have monster lines! ;) haha