Sunday, March 21, 2010

St. Patrick's Day!!

Happy Green Day as I like to call it! I love this holiday (not because of the beer...or really the Irish) I love this holiday because everyone wears green! What other holiday celebrates a color? (It's because GREEN is the best color). Anyway, since it is Spring Break we decided to take a little day adventure. Keith is off school and really wanted to get out of town a little. We took Ada to Christopher Creek/Fish Hatchery. We just went hiking up by the fish hatchery. We played by the creek, built a small fire and cooked hot dogs, and hiked around. It was a beautiful day and Ada loved being outside. She wasn't terrible and really did very well.

We got home late afternoon and then got ready for our St. Patrick's day dinner. We were meeting with Teresa (my sister) and her in-laws because they are Irish-ish. They had made corned beef and cooked cabbage. Keith and I decided to dress up like leprechauns. They clothes are actually all Keith's and we just had fun. Ada is the only normal one. It was fun and we had a wonderful GREEN day

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