Monday, March 15, 2010

Ada of Course

Hey, I know this is all I talk about, but it is everything going on in my life basically. Ada is everything. She is learning to giggle and is far more alert now. She can grab toys and get them to her mouth. She is rather drool-y, but that's ok. We are working through a lovely episode of Thrush. It's been three weeks, but getting there. We are also working on getting to bed earlier. She has been sleeping through the night since about week 9 (thank you Baby Wise), however she goes to bed after 10:30. Then I get her up at 6:30am. We are trying to get her to bed closer to her last feeding at 9:30. The past three nights she has gone to bed at 10:oo. We are also trying to teach her to go to sleep without having to fall asleep in my arms (this is hard because I usually LOVE this). But, it is good to teach her to fall asleep on her own. I usually sing to her or read to her till she gets droopy and then lay her down and let her fall asleep the rest of the way. She has been a good baby, even though she is a bit colicky. Mornings are my favorite because she is so happy and just loves to play. I love to be a mom and as scary as it is I'm glad to have this privilege.

We were blessed yet again (Heavenly Father is taking care of us with me not working. It is comforting to know He is guiding our lives) today. My friend from my school contacted me with baby stuff she wanted to pass on. She had tons of toys and clothes. We are now fairly set on clothes until she is 18 months. What a blessing. We are so grateful for others who are so willing to share and help others. Thank you to all who have helped someone in need!
Three months old and already loving me!
Ada and I went to the Aloha Festival on Saturday at Tempe Town Lake. It was wonderful. Gorgeous day, and wonderful company.
Playing with Daddy on Sunday!


Chris and Kristy said...

I totally understand the title of this one! I feel like all I talk about is my little boy, but he really is my everything and my world! When others get sick of hearing about our children, at least we can talk to each other because we both understand just how special and amazing they are!!
Ada is such a doll baby! Love the big flower in her hair. Too bad I didn't see you guys at the Aloha Festival. Good times.
Just wondering how you do the collage photos in the blog? I always have a ton of photos but don't want to do them all big. Love how you have collages of pictures with small and large ones. Help!!

Natalie Braithwaite said...

I love her little eyebrows, I think it emphasizes her expressions. So cute!

Packer Family said...

She looks beautiful in Orange!