Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Trip

A few weeks ago Keith's class on Friday was cancelled, so of course that meant we had to do something fun before his semester got too crazy. We decided to go play in the snow in Flagstaff. The week before had been the big storm when they got dumped on so there was plenty there. Friday morning we packed up and tried to leave early, but it ended up late morning. We had to stop in Camp Verde to feed Ada. For her first long car ride she did very well. She only cried when we had to pack her back up in Camp Verde and near the end when we were coming home (probably because she had been in her car seat most of the day). I still have old roommates that live in Flagstaff with their husbands/families so I got to see them. Every time I go to Flagstaff I am flooded with the wonderful memories of living there going to NAU. I loved living in Flagstaff and miss it so much! We hung out with my old roommate Nikki and her two sweet boys and husband. We had such a wonderful time with them and are so grateful for their hospitality. The only thing I regret is that we didn't get a picture with them. We ate at the Pita Pit, went sledding on NAU campus, made a tree of little snowmen, and then drove up near Snowbowl and made a big snowman and angels. It was wonderful and Ada was amazing. She slept most of the day or just looked around wide eyed at the new scenery. In the end we got home kind of late, but happy. It was a great first adventure as a family. (Thanks again Nikki!)

What Ada thought of sitting in her car seat all day!

Our tree of little snowmen . . . and Ada and I

Yeah for family time!

Ada is a good driver when the car is off and parked!

Our big snowman! Such a beautiful place!


Nichole Christensen said...

We had lots of fun, too! I'm glad you guys came. And I LOVE your snowman tree!

Natalie Braithwaite said...

So fun that you got to play in the snow! Remember all the snow days we got when we were there together? It was only like 2 but it was the first 2 in like ten years.