Monday, February 15, 2010

New Projects

Well, it's a bit late, but I do have some ideas for new year goals.

I want to be able to sew and do crafts and learn how to cook better and make bread. Here is my first craft of the year... a tutu for my little Ada. She actually likes it. She just plays with it and doesn't cry. So cute!
Raising my cute little monkey now and teaching her new things. I want to watch her grow and learn how to be a better mommy.

And, one that I'm super excited about is that I want to read again. Work was always a bit overwhelming and I didn't read very often. So, my goal is to read at least one book a month (things are still busy with Ada, so one book makes it manageable). I'm going to keep track on the side of the blog what books I've read and how I liked them. Let me know (if anyone reads this) of any good books that you have enjoyed. My first few are children's book because I've been wanted to for a long time.

And, I obviously am hoping that being at home I can improve my personal scripture study and prayer. I want to take more time to not only read, but to also have some quiet time to just ponder.


Packer Family said...

Great Goals! I love your blog and Ada is so beautiful!!!!!!!!

Teresa and Tyler Service said...

You are lucky to be able to stay home with Ada. My goal this survive.

Leslie said...

Marje: she is SO cute!! I love her different smiles... she seems funny.. does that make sense!? So, yeah, I kinda blog-stalk you, don't be scared! Haha!! Have you read or heard of The Hunger Games Triology? If not, they are a must read! Sooo good, trust me! Congrats on your family!

Julie Rowse said...

Oh, I need to e-mail you a list of good books I've read. I have lots. :) If I was there I'd make bread with you. I guess I can at least send you some recipes!

MissKris said...

I started reading a lot more too once I had Averie. Instead of watching TV when I feed her I read and it's so nice. I am almost done with the entire Work and Glory series which is SO GOOD! Another great series which you can find at Deseret Book is The Great and Terrible Series. I am in a book club now so I will let you know of any others I come across and I look forward to seeing what you read! I am always looking for new books to try. Also, I am trying to be more crafty too. I love the tutu- my friend and I are planning on making them soon for our girlies :) Where are you guys living?

Sherry said...

I love her "o" mouth! She is so adorable. I can't believe she is growing up so fast and I can't wait to come home and actually see her again. I love and miss you!! :)