Sunday, November 8, 2009

Very Humbled

I just needed to express how completely humbled I feel right now. When Keith and I found out we were pregnant (unexpectedly), I really had no idea how we would be able to make things work. I figured we would just have to get by with this baby with as little as possible. On Friday as I was driving home I realized just how blessed we have been. We have had so many people willing to help us and support us in this. We were lucky to have showers where people were so giving and thoughtful. I honestly didn't expect many people to come, or even to bring anything (I just like sharing with friends and family). As I was driving home, it was hard to not cry by how generous and thoughtful so many people have been. Even people that we may not know very well or haven't seen in a long time. I am just so grateful! Keith and I have a beautiful room for our baby to come home to and so many wonderful gifts to share with her. I often go in her room (it helps me to have to strength somedays to keep going) and I see all the things people have given to us and helped us with and I feel blessed. There is NO way that we could have done this on our own. The Lord has provided a way for us through so many wonderful friends and family members. I don't know to how to express how grateful and touched I am. I don't know why so many people have been so kind to me (us). I don't feel I deserve it. I wish I could be as giving selfless as all those who have helped us. I feel humbled and truly loved. I hope that I can look for ways to show the kindness we have felt with others. We are grateful beyond expression and love all who have offered help, kind words, encouragement and just words of wisdom. We love you so very much!


Chelsea said...

YAY, I found your blog! I can relate to your deep feelings of gratitude. There are so many generous people that give without restraint and with so much thoughtfulness. I felt that way after we had so much given to us for Shea. You are going to be a great mom!

Rowse House said...

It is always nice to do things for people who appreciate your effort - as you do. Glad to know you feel our love and support as we will always be there. It isn't easy to be a mom for the first time and you have deserved all the help. You are a hard worker and so good to keep going even though teaching was hard after you got pregnant.
Love, Mom

Missy said...

It's amazing the blessings that can come pouring in out of nowhere:) You guys deserve it! I hope all goes well with the end of your pregnancy and best wishes!!!