Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stupid old Doctor

I had my delicious glucose test yesterday (wasn't too bad actually). The new doctor, thanks Andrea, got us in and out fast. It was so weird I thought maybe something was wrong it happened so fast. He measured (this was the first time) from the top of my uterus to the bottom and said everything seemed to be on track. They fun however began when the nurse took us back at the beginning for blood pressure. She asked if we were going to get our records sent from our other doctor. ARE YOU KIDDING?!? So upset. They lost the stinking paper work (request) now TWICE at the other place. Hello, that's only my signature and date of birth, etc... What kind of doctor's office looses stuff like that....twice!! I was so angry. The nurse said she would go and try to call their office. For crying out loud, I went physically into their office the first time to sign the papers and then had my new doctor's office fax over my second request. When we left I asked if they had gotten them. The nurse said she could only leave a message (join the club) and that they hadn't called back. How unprofessional! It makes me a bit nervous having a guy doctor now, but at least he is competent. I plan to call my doctor again before the week is over and if they still haven't gotten it I will storm the stupid doctor's office. Any of you that may read this and know anyone that goes to Valley Women for Women tell them to run. "Run and never return!"


Missy said...

I'm sorry you are still having issues with your old doctor's office. I hope they get their act together fast! They should know better to mess with pregnant women.

mashby said...

Margie! I just found your blog and am reading about your Dr. drama - guess what?! I went to Valley Women for Women for 7 mo and then switched over, hallelujah! That was best decision I ever made. I didn't have near as much drama as you, but I sure didn't like the idea of not knowing who was going to deliver my baby. Anyhow, congrats with your pregnancy - you are going to LOVE being a momma!!!!!

Aubrey said...

Man, that stinks majorly, and you had to do a glucose test on top of that! Hang in there! you are almost done!