Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This is my beautiful Ada! So, here is the doctor drama that we have been dealing with. We went to the doctor in July for our monthly visit. They told us that here head had measured smaller than normal so they wanted us to come in for an additional (extra) ultra sound. Now, please keep in mind that I'm a poor teacher and our insurance still requires us to pay over $100 for ever ultra sound. But, it's my baby and they told us they wanted to check her head size a month later and we were willing to pay for it.

Well, we went in last Thursday for our August appointment. This was the visit with the special ultra sound for her head. We got to the office and found out that the regular technician was out. The office had gotten a random replacement that has been doing ultra sounds for years, but had not idea how to use my office's particular equipment. She was very nice and helpful. She explained that she had been doing them for years so we felt pretty confident in what she told us. We told this technician it was a special ultra sound for her head. She spent lots of time with us and I appreciated it. She told us Ada's head did measure small still, but explained that girls often have more oval heads than round. That may be the reason is was measuring small. It gave Keith and I hope. We had a wonderful time watching our girl play with her feet and even grab them and pull her legs over her head. We also got to see her tapping her toes.

So, we left the ultra sound feeling better. Then we met with the nurse. She didn't even know we had an ultra sound and seemed VERY scattered. She kept leaving the room and then finally sad that her head was still small and suggested that we go see a specialist. Shock! We didn't understand and she couldn't/wouldn't tell us what that meant. It was a very odd visit and we got absolutely no answers. I had a bunch of questions for her and she just brushed over them. I was a bit worried because my sisters have had low iron counts so I asked her about that. She looked at the blood work from April and said I shouldn't (thanks...too bad I passed out at work on Monday and have had severe dizzy spells). The nurse said the technician didn't know how to print up reports so they couldn't tell us any results. I asked them to call me the next day. It happened to be the day of "Meet the Teacher" night at my work. We left the doctors office and bit frustrated. The office did call me about an hour later and said that we needed to go see the specialist because her head was still small. I asked her what that meant and she said she couldn't diagnose it. I just wanted her to tell me what the options where. Hello, this is my first baby I have not idea what is going on. The next day I had a melt down worried about her. I called my mom and she was appalled when I told her that I had never talked to my "doctor" and that they were treating a new mom this way. I am 24 weeks and I have never met my doctor that will deliver my baby. The office called me the next morning (Friday) and I asked them to have my doctor (whoever it is) to call me. The office called me an hour later telling me they had set up an appointment with the specialist (during the middle of a work day...glad I will be working). I called back so livid I could barely stop myself from crying. I of course had to leave a message but basically yelled at them to not contact me again unless it was my doctor calling me to explain what was going on. I didn't want anyone but the doctor to call me, and that I wasn't going to show up to that appointment they made for me. No word. one called.

Keith and my brother in law gave me a blessing on Sunday and we decided to get a new doctor. I have contacted my sister Andrea's doctor, Dr. Beck. I told them my story and they are squeezing us in on Monday to make sure everything is ok. I will meet every week with my doctor and he will actually do the ultra sounds himself. I'm a bit nervous about having a guy doctor (especially in delivery), but at least he's a doctor and will maybe treat me like a nervous mom who needs answers. Monday we go meet him. I can still feel my little baby kicking so at least I know that small head or not...she's there and alive. We love her so much, we just want her to be healthy and safe.
(sorry this is so long...this is a major vent session!!)


Missy said...

I am SO sorry you are going through all of this! I can't believe the Dr's offices are treating you this way! I hope Dr. Beck works out for you. I know a lot of moms that had him as their OB/GYN and seemed to really like him. I hope everything is ok with Ada:)

Erin said...

Good luck with that. They sent me for a ton of ultrasounds at the end because Charlotte was measuring small (all over not just her head, she ended up being small- 5lb 5oz but totally fine). It is a pain and expensive but I totally understand wanting to check on the baby. My sister and 2 of my cousins (who both had twins recently) all go to Dr. Beck and love him. You should definitely have seen your Dr. by now! That's terrible. I go to Dr. McNeal in the same office because I (and Matt!) wanted a female Dr. She was great with me. Tell them to schedule your appointments around your schedule. Sometimes I would have to leave out the door when the kids left but it was easier than going during the middle of the day. Let us know how it turns out. You and Ada (love the name!) will be in my prayers!

Natalie Braithwaite said...

I actually just switched Drs because they were giving me the run-around. It's a little scary but I feel really good about my new one. Hope this new one works out.